Every Day in July

I am going to blog every day in July.

Why? Well, firstly, why not? But more importantly, because so far, my blogging has been, shall we say, sporadic (at best). Every time I draft up a post, I want to keep polishing and refining it, boiling away the impurities over and over again, rather than actually just posting what I’ve got. That might be a good idea for working on a novel—at least, I certainly hope it is, otherwise I’m in trouble. But it does not seem to be an effective way for me to maintain a blog. So, I want to impose an artificial constraint on my writing (or, more accurately, on my editing), and force myself to post something every day for a month. It takes more than that to build a habit, I know—but a month is a good start. After all, you can’t do something for two months without doing it for one month first.

The idea is that this July will be something like the blogging equivalent of NaNoWriMo for me—a month during which I force myself to write a lot, and stop editing so much. In particular, I want to lose my habit of editing-as-I-go, which is probably the worst habit that anyone who writes anything, in any medium, can have. Instead, I want to just sit down and hammer out something complete, if not perfect, as quickly and as frequently as possible. This means accepting that I’m going to post some things that could really use more refinement, but the hope is that the quality of these “first and only draft” kind of posts will improve with time. It’s good practice for novel writing, too, though the first complete drafts wouldn’t be the last. This month, I am going to operate on the principle that an imperfectly written page is infinitely superior to a blank one. Not always true, but I think it applies in this case.

I can’t really take credit for the idea of a blog-every-day month: the idea came to me indirectly, from Caroliena over at Polyprotic Amory. A far more accomplished blogger than I am, she is planning to blog every day in July as well, though it will be a much smaller change in her habits than in mine, since she blogs so frequently already. She suggested it to me as a way of getting myself into the rhythm of daily blogging, so I’m going to try it out; she knows what she’s talking about. I believe she got the idea from Hank Green, one of the legendary Vlog Brothers, who apparently once decided to vlog every day in April. I don’t know whether he got the idea from NaNoWriMo or something similar, but it doesn’t really matter; there’s no such thing as originality anyway. (More on this another time.)

So, there you have it: I will be blogging every day in July. About philosophy and politics, about biology and technology, and, of course, about panpsychism, permaculture, and polyamory.

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5 thoughts on “Every Day in July

  1. I am looking forward to your blogging! Good luck have fun :)

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