Journal Versus Blog

For the past ten days, I have been blogging every day.

Caroliena at Polyprotic Amory suggested the idea to me. Blog every day in July, it’ll be a fun challenge; that was the logic. And so far, it has definitely been both. I have really enjoyed the time I’ve set aside each evening to sit down and come up with a little (or, mostly, not-so-little) post about something that matters. It’s been especially wonderful seeing that there are already quite a few folks who are reading what I’ve been writing. I hadn’t expected to have “follows” so quickly, and it’s always a pleasant little surprise each morning when I check my notification and discover someone new who has expressed an interest in what I write. I’ll admit, I’m already guilty of sitting on my stats page, tapping F5 far more often than necessary, keeping an eye on the number of views and viewers I’ve got that day. But far more special than the little buzz I get when I see that my blog got another visit is the excitement of checking out the blog of a new “follow” (I’m going to keep using that word because it seems a little weird to say “follower” in this context). Honestly, I’ve ended up spending just as much time on WordPress reading through other folks’ blogs as writing my own, and that’s been great.

However, so far, the thing that I’ve disliked about blogging every day has been that the blogging process has stolen the time I usually spend writing in my journal. I’m the kind of person who is always writing. The greatest teacher I’ve ever had in a classroom, my Eighth Grade English teacher, expected his students to keep a daily journal to make ourselves more aware of our own thought processes, our own writing styles, and our own beliefs and ideas about the world. Ever since then, I’ve tried to keep up the habit, and since coming to college, I’ve actually got good at it. But since starting my Blog Every Day challenge, I’ve only written in my journal twice: eight of the last ten days have been missed.

There’s only so much time in the day to write. And it’s not just in my journal or on my blog, either: I’m also a fiction writer, and I’ve been making really significant progress on a novel this summer. On top of that, I’m heading into my senior year of university as a double major—and I’m taking the Honors track in both of them, which means I’ll be writing two thesis projects this year. Since that’s actually insane, I’m starting early, getting some of the preliminary work done this summer. I’ve managed to keep the thesis work up to par during the last ten days, and I’ve been putting in some pretty serious quality time with my novel during lulls in my work shifts at the front desk of the resource center in my dorm, but blogging has almost entirely supplanted journal writing for the past week.

I want to remedy this. So, for the next couple of days, my posts may be a tad shorter than the doorstoppers I’ve been putting out until now. My hope is that I can use my journal to work on things I want to write about on my blog, helping me get the concept of the post a little bit more well-defined before I charge in and start writing whatever comes to mind. (This may even make my future posts a little shorter, as well.) But to do that, I need to get a couple of posts “ahead” in my journal, which means 1) actually writing in my journal again, starting tomorrow and 2) not immediately posting what I write the day I write it, but instead posting something else a little less involved. So, for tomorrow, expect a short post, though hopefully a sweet one as well.

Thank you to everyone who has liked my posts, left comments of their own, or signed up to follow my blog! You are all awesome!

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