A Blogging Milestone: Fifty Folks Following

Today, this blog reached fifty followers. That’s pretty cool.

I want to thank everyone who has been reading, liking, commenting, and following throughout the past month as I have been doing my blog every day challenge. Honestly, I started off with the assumption that few folks would actually be reading any of what I wrote, but after only three weeks or so, I’m already approaching 1000 views, which never ceases to amaze me. Not only that, but you all have given me a great opportunity to find like-minded folks to share ideas with. Even when I’ve encountered disagreements, sometimes that’s fun too, and they’ve given me something to write about, which is always fun. I’ve really been enjoying the feeling of finding a global community of thinking folks to discuss interesting things with. It’s something I want to keep working at, both for myself and for everyone who has been enjoying what I write.

Which brings me to an important topic: the future of this blog after my blog every day challenge ends in a few days. After giving it a good, honest try, I’m pretty certain that blogging every day isn’t for me. Because I usually like to write fairly lengthy posts, and because I like to actually link to public sources (when possible) for the claims I make, blogging every day leaves me feeling torn between spending a good long time crafting what I consider to be an excellent post and actually having something finished by the end of the day. After all, although I am a student, and it is the summertime, I do actually have a summer job, and that does take up time. I think I would really enjoy blogging every day, if I didn’t have other obligations to fulfill. (This is why I considered majoring in journalism, and still sometimes wonder what would have happened if I had.) But since my list of “other obligations” will only get longer as the summer ends and the schoolyear starts up again, it wouldn’t be honest or responsible to claim that I plan to continue daily blogging going forward.

However, just because I won’t be posting every day doesn’t mean that this blog will be going dormant after the end of this month. It won’t be. Instead, what you can expect is something along the lines of one long, well-crafted, fully-sourced post each week. I will probably be writing some very short “mini-posts” each week as well, interspersed in between the more in-depth ones. You can also expect to see a greater degree of reblogging things I find and enjoy on other folks’ blogs, and by “a greater degree” I mean “I’ll do that at all.” Since my positive WordPress experience has been largely the result of the community response, whether through views, likes, or follows, I want to spend a little less time posting my own stuff, and a little more time reading what others are posting, then sharing things I find noteworthy by reblogging them here.

So, to the special fifty folks who have chosen to follow Uncivilized Thinking, keep an eye out! You may stop by one day to find one of your own posts featured here. Thanks again for being awesome!

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